The Chocolate Trunk Store

Punch your ticket to climb aboard the Hawaiʻi Cacao Express! Explore with me the ever growing industry of Hawaiʻi Chocolate with a quarterly chocolate trunk delivered right to your door.

Previous Chocolate Trunks:

  • Hawaii Cacao Express, Chocolate Trunk, May 2021, three featured chocolate bars and booklets
  • Hawaii Cacao Express, Chocolate Trunk, May 2021, characters and recipes on three booklets
  • Hawaii Cacao Express, Chocolate trunk, May 2021, bartender character and cocktail pairings on three booklets

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October Chocolate Trunk

Featuring: Three Hawaiʻi made chocolate bars; each with a professional drink pairing, a portrait of a fictional train passenger, and that passenger’s preferred recipe/serving suggestion. Each chocolate trunk also includes information about the makers and tips for chocolate tasting. *Shipping is included in the price, and will only ship within the U.S. **All orders will ship through USPS on Mondays and with protective packaging to ensure your chocolate arrives in the best condition possible. ***No refunds will be given unless your order was lost or unusually damaged. (Please let me know if it arrives damaged, even if you don’t want a refund.)



Contact me for a local pick up option for a reduced price of $45.