Step aboard and join me as I explore Hawai‘i Island in search of all things cacao; the growers, the chocolate makers, the chocolatiers, and innovators!

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Festive Fortunes

Monday, January 8th, 2021 Whew, What a strange but wonderful Holiday season this past month has been. Though I celebrated it with fewer people than I ever have before, in no way was my household’s celebration lacking in joy. In fact, we felt jollier than ever, maybe because there had been so much darkness in […]

Songs Through the Radio Static

Wednesday, December 2, 2020 Well, we’re at the beginning of December and I’ve finally found my spark again, thank goodness. The flame of my passion was starting to feel so smothered, that I wondered if it might be snuffed out completely. The isolation was starting to get to me. I was having a hard time […]

The March of a Sudden Stop through May Ruminations

A collection of thoughts from March through May, 2020 The whispers of worry on the wind have become realized. The virus is at our shores. The Hawai’i Cacao Express is slowing to a sudden stop. The groan of steel from the halting wheels serve as introductory music to the calm voice of the conductor informing […]

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