Extra: Chocolate and Cacao Conference Imminent!

Saturday, November 5th I interrupt my procrastination in writing to bring you news of fantastic opportunity! I would be remiss if I didn’t take a moment to share the return of the Hawaii Chocolate and Cacao Association’s Annual Conference. Starting November 12th-13th; a mere week away! This association (HCCA), comprised of cacao growers, chocolate makers, […]

Fire up the Engines

Saturday, September 24th, 2022 Well, what was supposed to be a short break has turned into quite the gap in writing on my part, eh? Hawaii Cacao Express’s engines have been sitting cold and idle, neglected, collecting dust. Part of me wondered more than twice if I should retire it to the annals of past […]

A Crowning Achievement

Early on the morning of July 15th, I headed to downtown Hilo, right as the Hawaiian Crown Plantation and Chocolate Factory was beginning to open. Tom Menezes was setting up a batch of cacao beans to roast in the outdoor seating area on the side of the building, and it was then, with the intoxicating […]